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How long will my cookies remain fresh?

Despite the fact that we use no additives or preservatives,
our cookies will remain soft and chewy for up to a week, and
often beyond that.  We ask that you don't refrigerate them,
which will dry them out, and keep them in their plastic
wrapper to keep them as fresh as possible.  Once received,
their shelf life can easily be extended by freezing them.  

Can Tom's Mom's Cookies be frozen?

Absolutely!  Just pop them, box and all, into your freezer
and enjoy them later or one at a time.  

How will my cookies be shipped?

We use Priority Mail with the U.S. Post Office, allowing us
the widest possible range of shipping destinations such as 
post office boxes and APO boxes for the armed services.   
In addition, we use the Post Office's "Delivery
Confirmation" option which can track the date and time of
delivery to the destination zip code if necessary.  Please
see our Shipping Chart  for more details and pricing.

Can cookies be shipped overseas?

They can, but we don't recommend it.  It's very expensive,
generally costing much more than the cookies themselves.  In
addition, they usually take more than a week to be received
and then freshness is compromised.  However, if you really
want to do it, we'd be pleased to help you.  Contact us at


Undoubtedly the most asked question in our cookie universe! 
At Mom's request, we're keeping her identity secret!
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